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Bringing the world together to support refugees.

They come from different countries. They are raised in different cultures. They speak different languages. But one thing still brings them all together: the will of finding a place to call home. Refugees are united by one hope. And now, they are also united by one flag. An orange and black flag inspired by the life vests many brothers and sisters had to wear in their search for a safer land to live. An orange and black flag as a symbol of hope and solidarity. An orange and black flag to bring the world together to support refugees. Because they exist. They are millions. And they matter. While this crisis persists, we’ll be on their side.

The is
Our Flag


This is
Our Flag




Our Flag

The flag of the Refugee Nation was designed by the artist Yara Said, a Syrian refugee who found asylum in Amsterdam.

“Black and orange is a symbol of solidarity with all these brave souls that had to wear lifevests to cross the sea to look for safety in a new country. Since I had wear one, I have a personal engagement with these life-vests, and these two colors.”





Our Anthem

The anthem was written by the composer Moutaz Arian, a Syrian refugee currently living in Istanbul. Since the refugee crisis is a global issue, Arian decided to create an anthem without words to resonate beyond borders:

“Music is the best language to deliver my message to humanity, which is to love each other, and this language does not require a translation.”





Our Supporters

We’re all united by hope and solidarity.
We’re all standing up for refugees.


Where there is a just cause, there are voices of righteousness to stand by it. Ai Weiwei is one of those voices, always in support of those in need.

Refugee athletes

“This flag doesn’t represent only me, Yolande. It represents all the refugees around the world.” - Yolande Mabika, refugee athlete.

Kakuma, Kenya

“This flag gives a message to engage humanity. We can’t let people die just because they are in search of a safer place to live.” Charly Kongo.

World Leaders

U.S. Department of State - "Making Media That Matters: Amplifying The Stories Of Refugees".

2016 Olympic Games

Athletes from other nations salute the Refugee Nation flag during the hockey game.

A symbol of hope

The flag being raised among the life vests, in Lesbos (Greece).

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher voices himself for to support the Refugee Nation by highlighting the Made by Refugees initiative.

Refugee athletes

"A sister refugee from Syrian has made this for all of us, refugee people. This flag is a gift I’ll never forget.” - Popole Misenga, refugee athlete.


Humanitarian fashion brand, Adiff, embraces the Refugee flag as inspiration for their designs and branding under their founder, Angela Luna’s leadership.


Artolution makes use of the Refugee Flag as a canvas for thousands of Refugees to paint on across the world.


Iconic fashion brand, Zzuma, takes inspiration from the refugee flag to create a new line of clothing titled “All For Refugees” collection.

Aurora Public Schools

Aurora Public Schools, a school famous for having 10% of refugees in their student body now fly the Refugee Nation flag in their Commons along with other nations.

Museu Del Disseny de Barcelona

The Refugee Flag was at the centre of ‘Design Does’, am exhibition that collectively draws the boundaries of how design gives shape to the global challenges of our society.


The Refugee Nation Flag waved in front of millions of people at the Rio Carnaval 2018 on the opening float of Brazil’s most prestigious Samba school, Portela.

Estoril Conferences

The Refugee Flag was hosted high at the Estoril Conferences 2017 which features speakers ranging from Nobel Prize Laureates, Heads of State, Ambassadors, Entrepreneurs among its cadre.

The Design Museum

The Refugee Flag wins the prestigious Beazley design of the year award by The Design Museum, London.


The Refugee Nation and football team Fluminense celebrate the Refugee Soccer star Maza along with Refugee kids at a 1st Division soccer game against Madureira.

Kansas City Arts Museum Artspace

The Kansas City Arts Museum Artspace selects The Refugee Flag as one of the most powerful symbolic flags in their exhibit.

MAK (Austrian Museum of Applied and Contemporary Art)

The Refugee Flag was featured in the prestigious Vienna Biennale event hosted by the Austrian Museum of Applied and Contemporary art.

Made by Refugees

The Made by Refugees initiative launches by posting stickers on daily products which were made by Refugees.


The Refugee Flag has been hoisted and added to the MoMA’s permanent exhibit in the lobby on World Refugee Day 2017.

Refugees United

Refugees United champion the Refugee Nation in their initiative to bring together talented refugee artists and figures from around the world.


The Refugee Flag walks the red carpet on Oscars night with Blacklist founder Franklin Leonard, who also showed his support to over 200 million people on the BBC.

Protests Travel Ban

America marches with the Refugee Flag to protest against Trump’s Travel Ban.

Rohingya Refugee Camp

The Rohingya Refugee Camp adopts The Refugee Nation flag sheltering over 800,000 desperate souls fleeing from war.

Stedelijk Museum

Refugee Nation chosen as one of the best initiatives to help the refugee crisis by the Stedelijk Museum.

Tempelhof Refugee Camp

The Refugee Nation helps families disbanded in camps around the world connect through their video portal at the Tempelhof Refugee Camp.

University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco becomes America’s first university to hang the Refugee flag in their campus.


The Refugee Flag makes it to the permanent collection of London’s famous Victoria & Albert museum.

La Biennale Di Venezia

The Absence of Paths features The Refugee Nation an art exhibit where human beings could still flow freely from one nation to the next.

Women’s March

Women across the united states wave the Refugee Flag in the 2018 Women’s March.